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FIRST SINGLE “DANCING IN MY PLACE” IS OUT NOW WORLDWIDE Cronofios Presents “Dancing in My Place” feat Jaime Viejo *Music Arrangement by Jaime Viejo and Miguel Mas
* Lyrics by Miguel Mas
* Mix Jose Manuel Prieto
* Final Mix by Rafa Sardina
* Musical Producer by Miguel Mas
* Produced by Miguel Mas *
Connect and Dance
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I am Cronofios.   
As it happened, I was in space, high above Puerto Rico when a frequency caught my attention. It was coming from a human on a balcony somewhere in that vicinity. Actually there were several humans with him and they all seemed joyously happy to be together working on a film or some sort of production. They were old friends; artists who were happy to have reconnected. Then, the main human looked at the sky and says “This is so Cronofios”, they inquired about “what you said?, what’s that?” and then the main human looked again at the sky, asking for an answer…
Cronofios is an alien
Cronofios Fashion & Music

… continue with the story. It was then, when I materialized and the main human introduced me as if he had known me forever… “This is Cronofios”. They inquired about our connection and he explained that actually Cronofios is a group of children who create art and play and they are everywhere in the universe. Collectively we are the “Cronofios Club. His friends looked as though they thought he was crazy but he and I just shared a cosmic smile


A group of children who create art and play at the same time, they are CRONOFIOS
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