INTRODUCING DJ DMA -Daniel Morales Arancibia

Daniel Morales Arancibia, DMA, joined Cronofios giving him the club touch Cronofios needed to capture more the magic of dance music in this Fashion and Music project. All the remixes are created by him; both DMA and Miguel Mas, who is the musical producer and executive producer, achieved the great challenge and created four remixes to delight the masses. We launch the remixes with MY GENDER IS… and as a free label we say aloud: MY GENDER IS MUSIC.


“LET’S DANCE AGAIN” The concept began after so long in confinement due to the pandemic, it is there where, “Let’s Dance Again” was born. Miguel Mas wrote the song “Dancing in My Place” and contacted a close friend, Jaime Viejo, is where it all began.

Cronofios’ debut single ‘Dancing in My Place’ will bring down the house and make everyone jump, dance, and be energized by the beat, especially in the unusual days in which we are living.


LOS ANGELES, CA—Born to Dance debut single ”Dancing in My Place” already is receiving attention since the clothing line CRONOFIOS CLUB started and Miguel Mas, creator of Cronofios and Cronofios Club, decided to make Fashion & Music to pop up this critical times we are living in now and to fulfill the soul bringing freedom clothes and a dance music to our hearts. This first single “Dancing in My Place” is the main song of the brand. The concept is to blend them as one. CRONOFIOS’ goal is developed a loyal cult following thanks to fiery composing skills, humanitarian views and disarming, accessible demeanor. In fact, some pundits wagered that Cronofios was destined to become the first superstar of the Rave Soul, the quirky Fashion and Dance. It makes sense that all of the musicians artists that are involve in this are passionate with this new project. CRONOFIOS is proud and exciting to present them, knowing that many will join. This crazy first dancing single “Dancing in My Place” couldn’t be possible without these amazing artist —vocalist & arrangement Jaime Viejo, mixer Jose Manuel Prieto and Final Mix by Rafa Sardina, 30 times Grammy awarded winner.

Produced by

Cronofios Presents “Dancing in My Place” feat Jaime Viejo
Music Arrangement by Jaime Viejo and Miguel Mas
Lyrics by Miguel Mas
Mix Jose Manuel Prieto
Final Mix by Rafa Sardina
Musical Producer by Miguel Mas
Produced by Miguel Mas


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Cronofios Dancing in My Place ft. Jaime Viejo Label Cronofios
Available now worldwide in all platforms